PortoBay Classic Young Talents . Madeira3 November to 5 May 2018MadeiraBetween November 2017 and May 2018, eight young classical music talents will play a selection of pieces . ..pinkhttp://portobayevents.com/sites/default/files/PBCYT_FranciscoLopes_1_1_5.jpgFunchal International Film Festival 14 to 20 November 2017MadeiraAll film lovers must come to this festival!pinkhttp://portobayevents.com/sites/default/files/MAD_Funchal_6_baixaBIG.jpgSalão Duas Rodas (Two-wheel motor show)15 to 19 November 2017São PauloDon't miss one of the world's biggest two-wheel events, and the biggest in Latin America !!brownhttp://portobayevents.com/sites/default/files/10252352023_3786e07140_o_1.jpgLisbon & Estoril Film Festival17 to 26 November 2017LisbonThis November, Lisbon and Estoril are home to the best of the 7th art . .. cinema !!darkyellowhttp://portobayevents.com/sites/default/files/filmfest_big_0_0_0.jpgPortoBay Wine Week21 to 26 November 2017MadeiraA real tribute to Portuguese Wines !! Featuring reds, rosésm green wines white and fortified wines. Plus workshops, tastings, visits to wineries and vineyards and entertainment . ..pinkhttp://portobayevents.com/sites/default/files/big_wine-week-2013_0_1.jpgChristmas and New Year's celebrations1 December to 6 January 2018MadeiraThe feasts of Christmas and New Years are intense and traditional. New Years Eve, recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records, is a unique experience. The spirit of the season is very much alive in our hotels . ..pinkhttp://portobayevents.com/sites/default/files/MAD_HR_reveillon_1_baixa3_1.jpg